It Speaks

Hands pick you up only to let you fall

Eyes glare at you in disapproval, telling you you don’t belong

Tongues cut through your self-worth until you’re left with nothing but the little paper snowflake of your security–

Holes and all

Oh, what a life you live


You miserable little stone in the dirt

You pathetic excuse for a student/friend/daughter

When will you learn

When will you learn to help yourself

To love yourself

I said love yourself, dammit!


I wrote you a poem to commemorate your fears and sorrows because you deserve them

You deserve them all


No, don’t move

Don’t do a thing

Just think about it


That’s right,


Sleep to avoid it all

Sleep to run

Sleep to hide

You know you can only face the world a few hours at a time

Try to make them count

But you can barely do that


You will attempt to leave me

You will try to forget

But the time that you succeed is not near

And when it comes, it will be fleeting

You know the truth

You can’t escape me


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