I want to be lilac

I want to be fun and silly and full of wonder

I want to be pleasant and charming

I want to be happy in the present moment with everything that surrounds me without floating away into the empty space

Without disappearing into the vacuum in my mind where bliss means silence and ignorance

I want sunset harmony


I want to be white

I want to be the rose that doesn’t mind not being red

I want to be okay with everything that I am

I want to go back to not being painted by anyone else


I want to be blue

I want depth and mystery

I want my mind to go further than what other people may see

So I can talk with them about what I think is beyond the blue

And have them tell me stories of what they believe is there


I want to be all of these things and more

But right now, I’m just not

Right now, I’m grey


Grey has a lot of questions to ask

Grey is made of questions

Grey is a question

Grey is confused and indecisive and lacking in identity

Grey is the color of the shadows;

It has no say in its own direction

Grey is bothered and sad and disturbing to look at

Grey is color that has lost its mind


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